Medicare Supplement

Note: A Medicare Supplement plan and a Medigap plan are the same plan. Both words mean the same thing.

A Medicare Supplement Policy is a private Health plan that is designed to pick up the coverage gaps in your Original Medicare. Under your Original Medicare you will receive a Red, White and Blue Card with Part A and Part B. You must have a date next to Part A and Part B for both parts to be active.

Original Medicare coverage gaps are as follows:

Part A

Has a deductible for all In-Patient Hospital Stays. The deductible changes every calendar year and is around $1600 per benefit period. A benefit period basically means per admission.

Part B

Has a calendar year deductible plus 20% of the bill. The Part B annual deductible changes every year and is approximately: $250 per year plus 20% of the Part B bills.

Medicare Supplements

Also called Medigap plans are plans that you can purchase to pick up the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B.

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