Retiring and How to get Medicare

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updated 05/24/2023

By Gary Smith

Like everything else in the Medicare maze, when you retire and the options you have are quite confusing. First let me assure you will not pay a penalty or be delayed in your Medicare enrollment just because you are 67, retiring from work, and just now signing up for Medicare.

Pick your Retirement Date

The very first thing you need to do is get an idea when you want to retire. Please allow yourself 60-90 days since it takes 3-5 weeks to get your red, white and blue Medicare card.

Employer Form

Your Employer must fill out a Medicare form. Specifically Form Number: CMS L564 “Request for Employment Information.

This form proves to Social Security and Medicare that you have been working full time and covered under your employer’s Group’s Health Plan. Download your own form below or just call my office, we are happy to send one to you!

Next, find out from your Employer when your medical coverage will end – you will need this date so you can pick a start date for your Medicare.

Terms to Know

Medicare Part A: Hospital insurance
Medicare Part B: Medical insurance
Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage
Medicare Part D: Medicare Drug plan

Call Your Local Social Security Office

Or call my office and let us walk you through the process. Tell your Local Social Security Office when to start Medicare Part B. Once your employer’s Human Resources department fills out the form and signs it, you take it to your Social Security office. I recommend you get there early to avoid a long wait, or better yet, make an appointment in advance.

When you meet with the Social Security Representative, they will need to know the specific date on which you want your Medicare Medical Insurance Part B to start. This is normally when your group coverage ends.  Note:  Medicare will only start on the first of each month. Example: 03/01, 04/01.

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